Rubber tips on the pole end
Rubber tips of walking poles are not suited for rollskis.

Pole ends
Pole ends can be regrinded by means of a diamond wheel. Rolec takes care of the regrinding free of charge!
(It is necessary to enclose a paid reply envelope / packing with your address)

Pole ends switch
Use hairdryer to warm plate remove Rollski pole by rotating.
Attach roller tip, warming and press in firmly.
Top upwards - loop down (see picture)

Pole length
Rollski poles have the same length as cross-country poles. The height difference between cross-country poles and rollski poles is compensated by the longer rollski pole tip.

Pilot binding
Because of the low restoring force of the spring, this binding is not appropriate for rollskis.

Is it possible to adjust the brake of the wheels or even to switch it off on the mountain?
It is not a brake, but a rolling resistance. It is pressed into the wheel and brakes permanently on the axis.

Brake technology
Large stemm turn

Experience rolling skier: The so-called T

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